About Noosa Rural Produce | Competitive Advantages

Noosa Rural Produce has been operating since 2007 and Brenda has been there since the beginning. Brenda and Greg took over the ownership in 2010 and they really care about their customers and their animals. They are country people through and through

ArnoldArnold, their pet pig, is part of the furniture at their Rene Street business and doesn’t like to be left home.  He wants to be part of the daily routine and meet with the customers.

Noosa Rural Produce stock a range of quality produce at competitive prices.  They stock many products that you will not see at their competitors and turn over their products so they are always fresh.  Believe it – animals enjoy fresh food as much as we do.

The website lists the popular brands in stock as well as the products and services provided.

This is a brief listing

  • Live chickens
  • Foods for chickens, hens, birds, cats, dogs, goats, guinea pigs, sheep, cattle, horses and more…
  • Hay food for horses, cattle and goats
  • Hay for bedding
  • Mulch and fertilizers for pastures and gardens

Competitive Advantages | Point of Difference…

  1. We, Greg and Brenda provide you with genuine personal service and are the owners and operators who really care. We are not part of a multi-national organisation or franchise
  2. We have built our business on the credibility and the authority that people trust
  3. As people who value our reputation we care about you, help you make an informed decision in your selection at the right price to become a returning customer
  4. We have the knowledge and experience to assist and advise you with making the right decisions to choose the produce to suit your needs
  5. Noosa Rural Produce are one of the few businesses who have live grown chickens and hens available throughout the year
  6. Brenda and Greg are passionate about their business and the products they sell.  Always looking to supply quality and fresh feeds for animals of the more pet caring customers
  7. We also stock a range of certified organic products from Country HeritageBrenda with stock
  8. Noosa Rural Produce are stockists of these  popular brands – see our side bar listing
  9. Fresh is Noosa Rural Produce motto. They turn their stock over on a regular basis to ensure products remain fresh
  10. Noosa Rural Produce stock a wide range of rural products – visit details in our pages
  11. We recommend and sell products that we know provide excellent value for money but should you have a price point we will try to match itGreg with stock
  12. Some products you see at Noosa Rural Produce are not available at your pet supply shop. Ask about our unique products
  13. If you have a transport problem ask about the home deliveries
Greg and Brenda look for the opportunity with our competitive advantage in providing excellent service without the cost!